Jo Asgeir Lie

Jo Asgeir Lie has a wide musical background, and combines classical music, contemporary music, jazz and folk music in his interpretation. He has contributed on more than 30 cd recordings either as a musician, composer, or as an arranger and producer. 

Jo Asgeir Lie has made a career both as a solo accordion player and as ensemble musician. He has played with several Norwegian artists, on concerts and in studio. His production contains theatre music, chamber music, music for solo instruments and liturgical music. 

Together with Tom Willy Rustad, Erlend Styve and Øystein O. Rudi, Jo Asgeir formed the group KVARTS in 1998, which is one of the well- known Norwegian folk music groups today. With this group he has been awarded the Spellemannsprisen (the Norwegian Grammy) twice, and the group have made nine cd-recordings so far. With Kvarts Jo Asgeir Lie have composed music to several projects and concerts.

Jo Asgeir Lie was born in Voss. He studied classical accordion and folk music with professor Jon Faukstad at the Academy of Music in Oslo. In 1998 he took his Masters degree in folk music. For twelve years he worked as a principal for the local music school for children in Ål, before he was appointed to be rector at the Ole Bull Academy in Voss. He combines this position with being a freelance musician and composer.

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