Welcome to NordAccordion in Voss, Norway, 4.-9. August 2020!

(Archive 2021)  We are happy to wish you all welcome to NordAccordion for the third time. The festivals combination of master classes and seminars for young accordionists on a high level and accordion concerts for broad audience is unique. Geir Draugsvoll and Ida Løvli Hidle establish the festival 2018. They wanted to create a summer academy for young and talented accordionists. Something they wish existed when they where young.

In addition to the summer academy they will arrange many concerts in Voss and in the aria around. The concerts will present a wide spectre of Norwegian and international accordionists in many genres. The audience will listen everything from contemporary and classical music to jazz and Norwegian folk music.

The summer academy will take please at Ole Bull Akademiet. Here we will arrange master classes and concerts. The students and teachers will also live here. The Ole Bull Akademiet is located close to the city centre of Voss, with an amazing view over the area. Amongst other concert venues is Stalheim Hotel and beautiful Bakka Chuch. As a part of the summer academy the artists on the festival will make some workshops about their music and projects.

It is a great pleasure to invite you to the Nordaccordion 2021 together with our partners Ole Bull Akademiet and Voss Spelemannslag. Welcome!

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